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While in worship I was talking to God thanking Him for His love although I don’t understand it. Like...”you mean to tell me that as many times as I mess up, as bad as my attitude can get, with all of my mess and inner distractions you love me? You just want me to invite you in my heart so you can simply...love me? I don’t understand it. Do you not see how many times I mess up Lord? Do you not get tired of my ways? I have to get myself together first before I invite you in to love me. “ I didn’t know that I still sometimes try to earn Gods love. He showed me that about myself last night. He loved on me and after me running a list of all my flaws and shortcomings He wanted me to know “In my eyes...I can’t see you as anything other than beautiful.” Wow. Like God can’t see me as anything other than beautiful. That’s how unconditional His love is. I made a vow tonight...I made a vow to commit myself to receive His love daily. Beyond how I feel. Beyond how I look. Beyond me. I receive love. His love. Daily.❤️ (You can be whole in Him...if you allow it)

love letter #2

Everything in your life doesn't have to be perfect. Your life isn't "whole" based on your circumstances, your life is whole based on your perspective. If I waited until I was debt free, made more money, was married, had kids, had a mega brand that was known all around the world before I decided to be happy...I would be very miserable. (Funny how that works huh?) I believe I can have the desires of my heart but I also believe that God has perfect timing. So I choose to have joy NOW not when. Rejoice sis!

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